Printable DVD's



I was looking into getting a printer that prints directly on DVD’s (Artisan 700). I was wondering what the best DVD’s would be for this and even if these printers are good.

I also have a hard time experiencing writing errors on Memorex and Office Depot DVD’s when I am using DVDFab. I have a XPS 420 computer and just use the default drivers. Another question, should I download a better driver for backing up DVD’s so I do not get these errors? Are there free or cheap ones? Thanks for any help…


Use better quality disks. Burn at 8x or 12x if you are using blank media that is rated at 16x top speed.

If you are in the US, you can get inkjet printable Verbatim 8x or 16x media, or Taiyo Yuden 8x +R media at All three of those would work well.

I have a friend with an Epson cd/dvd printer and his results are excellent. Not the same model as you are talking about though, as his is a few years old now.

You don’t need a new driver.

DVDFab is one of only two good decryption/ripping programs available that are still being updated on a regular basis, so I see no problem continuing to use it. You might look into a different burning program. I recommend ImgBurn.


As far as better quality disks, what are good ones at a reasonable price if I do not use printable media? Thanks for your help…


Verbatim 16x is the most recommended media around here. If buying locally they and Sony are the safest choices.

I just wait for the sales at Best Buy for Verbatim. Sony also goes on sale there and at other local shops quite frequently.


I use Taiyo Yuden from supermediastore in most cases you cannot get a better price than theres when they are are on sale and they have free shipping. You can also get verbatim ant sams club. I use a epson r280 printer with an CISS system ot supply ink. You can buy the system at ebay. You can alos buy the ink Cartridges from supermeida store if you do not want to use a CISS system.