Printable DVD's



Hello everyone…

I just bougth a new Printer, a HP Photosmart C5280 and its very nice.

Now I am able to print DVD/CD and I have about 50 DVD’s that I bought some time ago and they are like white like the usually printable ones but Im no sure if they are really printable, and I am afraid of damaging the printer by trying. Any Idea of how to tell?

Thanks in advance


Unless it says “inkjet printable” on the package, it’s not. Most plain white discs are actually thermal printable, and not suited for inkjets. Won’t hurt your printer to try it, but don’t put one in a drive if it doesn’t look right. Inkjet printables have a flat white sprayed-on surface, feels like paper.


That’s the thing I don remember the Package saying anything so now I can not know. So I guess buy some new ones that are INKJET printable.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you try to print to it and it is a thermal print disc the ink will just roll around on it and not stick; that wont hurt the printer. If you have a lot of them try one and see what happens. But as CDan said above if it does not look like a nice print I would not put it in the drive, just toss it and order some inkjet printables.


Thanks… I will try one out to see if it works.

Thanks so much


[QUOTE=The Kipper;2034282]e if it does not look like a nice print I would not put it in the drive, .[/QUOTE]

Unless you’re into tie-dye and making pretty patterns with spun ink…and don’t care about the insides of your burner. :wink:


I also purchased C5280/5288 this week. I also being a fool on White CD, when i try to print on a Moser Baer Non Pro White CD, the printing quality just comes like dog has pissed on my CD. So i am now trying to purchase a printable cd for only print a cd/dvd.


Actually I tried the bunch of DVD I have and it work and pretty happy with the results thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Dear JTCr17, I just bought a HPC5280 but have not purchased any writable DVD+R yet. Are you burning DVD+R, if so what printable DVD works well with this printer. Thanks so much, Aliza


Any inkjet-printable disk (CD, DVD, etc.) works equally well.