Printable DVDs

How does the printable Ritek G05 compare to OPTODISCR008?

Just a thought: In about a week Costco will have TDK Printables on sale buy one get one free, 29.99 for 100. I know the dash is TTG02, and I think the + is MBI from India but I am not sure. But I would rather have the TDK than either of those two media codes. Just my opinion.

Or spend $42.99 at supermediastore for genuine TY DVD-R with free shipping. I don’t know why the inkjet printable -R’s are $16 cheaper than the +R’s.

I bought the JVC DVD+R’s at MicroCenter for $9.99 for 25 a while back, they were CMC’s.
I like the TY’s better not only because it is better media, but because they are full hub printable.

Both are highly unreliable media. Look somewhere else, like these TDK TTG02 that Alan mentions. These are good discs. :wink: