Printable DVDs and NEC 3500



I have a NEC 3500 and I want to try some printable DVDs. I bought a few Verbatim MCC 04, but I have a question. What is better; First print and then burn, or first burn and then print? Thanks.


Burn and print.



tried a “print then burn” disc once, and made my first coaster (in normal burning conditions ie: not a create data disc). i took this as a warning.


Thank you guys for your replies.



Never had problems when printing first with my Epson R200 and then burning…
Just wait for a few hours the print to dry. :smiley:

What printer did you use ako.


This is not print and burn… this is print, wait a few hours, burn. =)
I just got my Epson R200 a week ago… in printing I’m still a noob. =)


it was a R200,

i didn`t wait after it was printed, maybe thats why it failed. it was only a datawrite -R (mcc) burned @6x but it was the only coaster out of the tub.


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they don`t tell you this in the set-up, but have you got losts of space behind the printer? as the tray can occasionaly come all the way out of the slot. its only done it once to me, i quickly jumped out of my chair and moved it just in time :eek:
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Hehe thnx for the warning… but I saw the hole in the back and predicted that the tray might come out. =)


I use the R300
I always burn first and make sure the disc is ok before printing. If you use the original Epson inks, it costs more to print the disc than the cost of the disc. The results are awesome though.


Same here…why waste ink if the disk is a coaster (which you won’t know until you burn).


I’m doing it both ways with my Canon IP4000, and have yet to see any difference in terms of burn quality. Using TY hub printables.


i have a canon i865 and burn and print…but as dee said the ink costs more then the dvd :wink:


I re-fill my Canon ink tanks for about 50 cents each.


i have my canon now for ca 1 year…and i have the FIRST tanks in it…and that after few hundred pages and dvd´s (color and S/W)


I’m using the R320 and have done it both ways using Ritek G05s and Fujifilm 48XCDRs which are Prodisc mgf.
Have had no problems yet either way, but I do agree it would be more cost wise to burn and test first.

My drive is the NEC3500.