Printable DVD+R

For the experienced people this is probably a question asked a thousand times before but I really don’t know: I read on this forum that it 's bad to label DVD’s (with paper and glue I mean) so I decided to buy ‘printable’ DVD+R’s since I have a printer which can do the job.

Now I read also on this forum that there are ‘fake Taiyo Yuden’s’ and all sorts of other fake media. As I understand Taiyo Yuden is good when it comes to quality and longevity (or shoud it be Fuji, Verbatim?).

I was looking around on the internet and found these shops:

I read some bad comments on gropp-shop. Anyway, could anyone give me some advice about printable DVD+R and where to buy?


Fuji Made in Japan (MIJ) are typically made by Taiyo Yuden
Check out the blank media forum, and the bargain basement forum.

I have used the Taiyo Yuden printables, and the verbatim printables. Both have been good for me. Just need to make sure that the verbatims are mcc03 or mcc04.

As you appear to be Europe based the only supplier recommendations are UK. SVP & Apr Media. SVP have about the best customer service but sometimes don’t stock the best media although I think they’re trying to change that.

Thanks a lot for your answers so far. I didnt know about SVP of Apr Media but as usual Google helped me out.

Partly I burn things which don’t have to last for ever, like certain software or a TV-program. Would it be a good idea to use in that case for instance Datasafe, Philips DVD+R Printable or another less expensive brand?

For things like films, documentairies, music, personal memories etc., when it comes to longevity, it might be nice to use Fuji or Taiyo Yuden. Is it sensitive to make such a difference, is any choice a personal and subjective one? What do you think?