Printable Dvd-R Problems

Having a Canon I865 printer with the capability to print directly to the disc.
So there for i want to use printable media.

But i have noticed that many printable disc don’t work properly (bad Burns) but the same disc non printable and with the same dye work without any problems so ever…

For a example the Ridisc-R 8x with TTG02 dye
The printable makes a coaster but the regular disc works like a charm

The same goes for Verbatim-R 8x

I use a Pioneer A07 for the writing and Dvdinfo Pro for the “check”
And a Xbox and a Pioneer standalone for the “playback” check.

So now to the BIG Question

Are there more people out there that are experience the same problem ??
And do you have any solution ??

Sorry for the lousy english… Im from Sweden :wink:

Are you burning the disc first and then printing on it or viceversa?

Burning them before printing…
And checking them before to…

I’ve used Ridisc dvd-r printable 8x TTG02 MID too, but with my NEC 3500 stock fw 2.18 I’ve not coaster ( PIF avg. 6)

Try Max-Data 8x, Datastream 8x or TDK
X-Box can be a pain to get to play sometimes, use the best quality you can afford. Burn at a slower speed too.

I 've got the same printer (very nice too) and I’ve used Ritek, Princo with no problems. I can’t really see how the printer could affect your burning.

Sometimes the media manufacturers/companies allocate the lower-grade discs for the printable spindles. :(:frowning:
Use Taiyo Yuden printable and you should have no problem. :slight_smile:

No i did’nt mean that the printer where the problem…
Just the burning on printable disc’s
And bye the way the burner im using is a Pioneer A07

I also use the Pioneer A07 burner and only use printable media. My favorite are Prodisc. They are certified by Pioneer Labs and have a very nice printable to the hub surface. I get them from shop4tech for $43 per 100 with free shipping. I have tried other kinds but these are my favorite. Now I use nothing else. Link to the site I get them

I just run into the same problem and I started doubting about the printable issue.

I have an LG 4160B and I burned RIDATA/RITEKG04 media with it (and with the previous burner) for almost one year without problems.

I don’t have a printer to print on DVD’s, but one friend of mine with the same burner has such a printer and started to have reading problems with movies burnt on printable media, and, just like you, even before printing on them (so it’s not a printer problem).

He passed me some of his blank printable media (some Prodisc S04 and some Ritek G05) and I could NOT get a single good-reading DVD. Movie always hangs at some point (different movies, all reading perfectly on non-printable media by Memorex, Verbatim or Ritek).

I don’t have the same exact media (Prodisc S04 or Ritek G05) as non-printable, to make complete test, but it’s odd that only those printable media are giving errors on both burners…

I also suspect that the media companies treat the printable ones as “low grade” stuff.

A little late with the reply, but I’ve run into the same thing. My LG 4120B wouldn’t burn Prodisc’s (white inkjet printable). I tried the white hub printable Ritek G05’s with no luck, but the matte surface G-05’s burn fine @ 4X. I haven’t found an answer either.

I too have found printables often are lower quality, Ritek G04 and Verbatim MCC 002 in particular


ok, here my big theory, take it or leave it…

when you burn a disc, you burn it in a certain environment (temp room, humidity,burner quality,)…

now if you start to apply a sticker or to print your DVD, you change the way the laser “reflects” on the disc .
so I would suugest you to not put anything on your dics afteru burned it, or if you want really print someting, print on it before the burn process or use only light colors(no black, or any dark colors).

by experience, I placed some stickers on 3-4 discs…my dvd start to freeze, when I removed the stickers, all went in order.

my theory is, the branding is not so obvious on printables, so the makers care less about the quality.

John, we are talking about DVDs that come from the manufacturer with a printable surface. Not placing labels on a blank DVD. Either way, a label on the top of a disc will have no affect on the burning ability of a DVD as far as the laser is concerned. The reflective layer is already below the surface that you’d print on or place a label on.

ive tried a few printables and theyve been ok when ive burnt em but the day after the number of pi errors and jitter towards the edge disc have sky rocketed.

im thinking the printable surface somehow affects the disc when heated thus causing the disc to slightly warp and become unbalanced, im probably wrong tho.

I bought a 50 pk of +R branded Ridata, 2 25 pks unbranded Ritek all ID as Ritek R03’s and a 25 pk of branded Piodata -R that ID as Ritek R04’s, all inkjet printable and all are worthless. Large amount of unreadable sectors with scandisc and huge PIE & PIF numbers with quality scans. Most are outright coasters. I use to love Ritek, now I’ll never buy Ritek again, I hear their DL discs suck too. Since then I’ve bought some TY and Verbatim inkjet printables, not a problem with a single one.

I have been using printable dvds for some time now, with no problems. Notably, I have been using Ritek and Prodisc to the hub printable discs. Had no problems with them on my Pioneer 107. All of a sudden, I switched to a Dual Layer burner (Pioneer 108) and start having issues with them hanging in a movie from anywhere past half way through the movie. Thinking it was a burner problem, I decided to go with an LG 4163 and continued to have the same problem. I tried a disc with the same media code as my prodisc (verbatim) but not inkjet printable, and voila!! Plays without a charm.

My theory - Inkjet printable discs + DL burners = not worky so good.

Just a theory though… maybe change in laser for DL is causing this. Anyone have any thoughts on it?