Printable DVD+R : making a choice between Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim


I was planning to put an order on to replenish my stock of dvdr. In the past I have used Taiyo Yuden unbranded YUDEN000T02 printable DVD, that I burnt at 8x using a Plextor PX-116A. Currently my only burner is the one included in my laptop, limited at 2.4x, so high-speed burning is not really an issue at the moment. However, since I plan to get an external burner in the future, i’d like to purchase media that i can burn at speeds up to 16x.

Since i’ve been very pleased with the YUDEN000T02 media in the past, and svp is offering them, I was thinking to purchase some more. However, since they’re rated up to 8x, i was wondering if buying 16x rated media might be a better option. I have read that the durability of the new 16x Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T03 media is not as good as the T02 ones, so i’m having a bit of a dilemma chosing between the two. I’m also a bit surprised that svp is still offering the older T02 media, as they’ve been replaced by T03 media almost everywhere i’ve looked. Are the T02 media still produced, or has svp stocked a lot of them in the past, allowing them to still offer these now?

I was also wondering if the 16x DVD+R verbatim MCC004 might be a good compromise between the high speed compatibility of the newer T03 media and the durability of the older T02? So basically, it all boils down to choosing between unbranded printable T02 or T03, or printable verbatim MCC004.

I thank you in advance for helping me in my choice, and maybe point me to other media that would better suit my needs, taking into account the fact that it is mandatory for me that the DVDs are printable, and that my current burner only accepts DVD+R.

Look at the burn tests. I’ve been using 16x Verb and Plex +R TY T03 dye and very pleased burning at 8x or 12x. A month or two ago I got some of the Taiyo Yuden unbranded YUDEN000T02 printable DVD from SVP. They give a cleaner graph on my Lite-on at 6x than the verbs, and a similar, or better, at 8x. So I’d stick with the prinables.

As to time saved. A DVD5 at 6x takes about 10 mins, 8x about 8min, and 16x about 5min. So really you don’t save much unless you’re doing high volumes of discs (and then you can get problems with hot drives).

If you’re used to 2.4x, then burning at 6x or above will equally seem fast.

also burning media a lot lower that it’s rated speed can cause problems aswell (x16 burnt @ x2.4 :eek: ), i’d try and find media that is rated about the speed of your drive

T02 and MCC004 printables are pretty much equal in fantastic quality. The MCC 004 from svp (white print and MCC 03RG20 glossy print) are MIT/CMC :slight_smile:

These days i take the MCC bc they are cheaper and will burn faster in awesome quality. I’m almost through my 3rd MCC tub and consistensy is as good as the T02

I somehow find it hard to believe 16x rated media will burn faster than 8x rated in a 2.4x burner. :wink:

Thanks for the advices!

I had already read somewhere about the problems when burning at much slower speed than the one the media is rated. Does it have a significant impact of quality (i.e. to the point of making unreadable discs), or is the effect marginal. I have burnt a few dozen dvds using my laptop burner, and i have no way to do a quality check other than verifying the written data. As i said, i am considering the purchase of an external burner, but in my home country of France the choice is somewhat limited: aside from the very expensive plextor external drives, it is very difficult to find the latest products from the manufacturers (usually it is possible to find only the previous generation drives). If you happen to have any tips about the choice of an external drive i’d be gratefull.

It’s impossible to say; in some cases you will get excellent quality with high-speed media burned at low speed, and in other cases the discs will be totally unreadable, and then there’s all the cases in between.

It depends on the media, burner, and the firmware.

As a general rule however, if the burner doesn’t have firmware support for the particular media you want to burn, the results will be mediocre at best.

If your burner is rated at 2.4x then it’s an old burner (even for a laptop) and it will most probably not have support for any DVD±R rated faster than 4x. Such media is hard to find these days, and usually expensive if you can find it.

If you tell us the brand and model number of your DVD burner, perhaps someone will be able to advice you of wich DVD media to get for your particular burner.

Adding to that, there’s the fact that it will be difficult or impossible to reach 16X burn speed with a laptop + external drive setup (using USB 2.0 or FireWire interfaces). So you should be better off with the T02’s, I think.

Meanwhile it’s questionable whether these are supported properly by your internal 2.4X slim drive, as [B]DrageMester[/B] explained above. Maybe you can scan some of them with Nero CD DVD Speed on a friend’s or relative’s PC, before burning (maybe literally) your remaining supply like this.

Personally, other than Plextor I like LG’s external drives, but these don’t support Disc Quality scanning as you may know. If you can’t find an external burner model of your choice, you could also consider buying an internal drive and a 5.25" USB/FireWire enclosure to install it in. There’s a wealth of information on this subject here.

I just checked the infos on my drive : it is a Matsushita DVD-RAM UJ-822S, that i god with my IBM T43P. Has anybody run any quality checks on media burnt by this model ?

Oh, and 8x TY media is still being made. As [B]koba[/B] and some other insiders mentioned, many standalone recorders only support 8x media, and therefore TY still does produce them. Maybe less, but they are still being produced.
I can even get 4x rated YUDEN000 T01 from Greece for good prices, so don’t worry.

Looks like a pretty new laptop. Doesn’t it burn the T02’s @8X (available burn speeds can be checked in CD-DVD Speed - see below)?

I just ran Nero CD-DVD speed, and indeed something is strange : it is listing strategies for 4 and 8x, while it writes at 2.4X with my drive… things don’t look so good. Tell me if you see something else noticeable when looking at the capture i attached. As for the laptop being recent, IBM began shipping dual layer 8x drives only this year (mine came out last year)… I suppose the optical drive is not of the utmost importance to them. I guess i’ll be actively looking for an external dvd drive now :stuck_out_tongue:

The 2.4x strategy is the only one available for your drive/fimware with this media. The 4x and 8x strategies are on the disc itself and would be shown by CDSpeed regardless of which drive you use - these strategies are not used by the drive however.

Your drive will definitely not burn these discs faster than 2.4x and since YUDEN000 T02 is probably the most widely compatible 8x rated DVD+R media, your drive will probably not burn any DVD+R media faster than 2.4x.

I haven’t yet looked up the official speed rating of the Matshita UJ-822S drive, but I will try to find it.


The Matshita UJ-822S is unfortunately a 2.4x rated DVD burner:

[li]DVD-R 2x[/li][li]DVD-RW 2x[/li][li]DVD+R 2.4x[/li][li]DVD+RW 2.4x[/li][li]DVD 8x[/li][li]DVD-RAM 2x[/li][li]CD-ROM 24x[/li][li]CD-R 24x[/li][li]CD-RW 10x[/li][/ul]

OT: Drage, may i ask where you got this? i googled a bit a few minutes ago but didn’t find any useful info.

I wonder what’s with DMA…

Linky. :slight_smile:

thanks, mate :wink:

Thanks for the info. This discussion has sped up my quest for a good external dvd drive :wink: From what i’ve read the LiteON SHM-165P6SX may be a good choice… I’m still gathering data about it, and i guess if it turns out to be right i’ll be buying one this week end. i’m starting to be really woried about the dvds i burnt with my laptop burner, since i have no backup for it…

The LiteOn is a very good drive (with disc quality scanning capability), but I don’t have any experience with the external enclosure it comes in. As mentioned previously, don’t expect 16X burning thru USB, but 8X or 12X at most.

Seeing as the laptop is only a year old, the Matshita burner should at least include a YUDEN000 T02 write startegy in its firmware, so even if the max. burn speed is only 2.4X the results may be just fine. For your peace of mind, you can do a Transfer Rate Test (Benchmark tab, Run Test, Transfer Rate) in CD-DVD Speed to see how well the drive can read back the burned discs.

I found a link here, where someone confirms updating the firmware for this drive to a May 2006 version (4th from last post) - use at your own discretion only.

I among other have recommended the LiteOn @ svp. 2,4 isn’t fantastic speed for modern printable media. 165P6SX will burn @ 16x but i mostly use it for overspeeding some old 2 and 4x CMC discs which it does very well :slight_smile: