Printable DVD Help please



Ok before finding this forum I have backed up lots of movies, but I keep seeing that paper labels are bad. I would like to buy a dvd writer that prints labels on the disk. Is this good??

Also if this is what I want I did a quick look and found the dvd’s you can write on are expensive ! What should I pay for these type of dvd’s??

And what are the downsides to this type of “writer”, does it use ink, burn the label on or what??

Sorry to ask what may be stupid questions but I am VERY new to this.

I did a forum search but did not find what I needed.


There are inkjet printable discs which have a top surface conducive to inkjet printing. However these discs are sensitive to moisture and smear easily. They can be burned in any DVD drive.

The Lightscribe approach uses the laser of the DVD drive to make a monochrome image on the top layer of the disc using photosensitive dye. However, both special discs, and a supporting DVD drive are needed.


A masterly summary indeed… :flower:

Nevertheless, allow me to transfer this to the CD Freaks ‘CD & DVD Labelling’ forum…


I use an Epson Stylus Photo R200 printer which has a tray for CD/DVDs so they can be printed on and I’m using TDK DVD-Rs called PrintOn white discs and they work great.Hope this helps.