Printable DL Verbatims?

I really want to use printable dual layer discs on my new writer, a NEC 3540A. I bought some datawrite ones but they do not work at all, will not even be recognised.

Apparently Verbatims are the only ones to trust. I have seen some normal ones, but not printable ones. Do they exist, or if not, has anyone used others successfully in the above drive type?

cheers :slight_smile:

Yes, they do exist, for example,

There are also Ricoh DL printable discs, you can find them at german online media shops and

10 packs of Verbatim printable DL media is now shipping in Europe at least.

Many thanks for the replies. I will try some more to track them down.

Are the Ricoh’s reliable…?

Probably yes

I do realize that you are London and Newegg probably isn’t an option for you, but they do sell printable DL Verbatims.