Printable Discs

I bought a 100pack of inkjet printable MCC004 discs because they were on sale. But my home printer doesn’t support discs. At work we have a rimage disc printing system. I believe it uses thermal discs because it has a ribbon. One time I accidentally put a normal cd-r in there and it printed but looked funny.

So can I use my inkjet printables in the thermal system? Will they look funny or have any adverse effects on the media?

“will it look funny”

I bet the only sound answer to that question is: TRY IT.

In theory, it sounds like a silly thing to do (no offence intended), but one never knows…

“will it have any adverse effects on the media?”

It’s probable. I think thermal printable medias have a special protective layer under the printable surface. Not sure, though.

Yeah I was just going to take a disc in tomorow to see. I know it does seem silly, but I like the idea of using the automated system to do it for me, no changing of discs :slight_smile:

Depending on the brand the transfer ribbon will pull off the inkjet surface about 1 out of 10 times. look for distortions on the data side.

Some while ago i used a thermal printer on some unbranded cdrs. Most of them had a very short life (Print looked ok though) :wink: Not sure what happens to printable dvdrs?

dude just get a canon or epson inkjet that has cd printing.

I have a IP4200 and it rocks

Hi kwkard :slight_smile:
I wouldnt do it if i were you if i minded even a little bit about the written data. If its just for fun, then by all means go ahead and play. A good idea would be to make some scans after that and let us know of what the results were.

Sorry for taking this a bot of topic but while on it, do you guys know of any small dedicated CD DVD inkjet printers in the market? I d prefer a small printer compared to a general use printer that can also do optical media. Have plenty of those.

+2 You can probably pick up a R200 for about $50.

I might try it when I get some time, been kind of swamped at work lately, haven’t had time to play :slight_smile: