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Okay we all know that Nero is onboard with light scribe, does this mean that the Epson support for printing directly on cd’s is dead? Has anyone gotten this feature to work? I can print on any type of label stock through Nero, but I am unable to print directly on to my cd. I know the software that came bundled with Epson is great for making labels. My scenario here is okay I made an audio cd now I want to make a label with track information artist title length all that stuff. Nero can output all this information to a sticky label then use stomper and mash it on. Well some of my players have issues with media that has paper labels which is why I got the Epson 300 this way I can go straight on to the media itself. I have tried Nero support and no response. I have yet to call though. I figured someone here might have the answer.


Why dont you use the software that came with the EPSON 300


The Epson does is not tied into the nero software. The nero software does not allow the labeling program ti output to a graphical file either such as bmp or jpeg. The Epson has the capabilityy of taking any image file you have and printing on the disc itself. Nero seems to only print out to avery or equivilant stock


I assume that you are trying to print using Nero Cover Designer. The following works fine for me.

Select the Paper Stock “Epson Stylus Photo R300/10 (A4)” in the drop down list which is displayed in the tool bar.

Then when you print ensure that the Paper Source in the printer Setup dialogue is set to “Manual”.


Does anyone owning an Epson R300/10 or other variant that uses the same epson Print CD software think that the software sucks?

It is very frustrating trying to manipulate you image that you want to print & akward that you need to close the edit window to view changes, then open up 3 menu’s to get back to the picture manipulation screen!!

Also minimum picture movements and stretching is not small enough, with the smallest movement equal to about a 1 - 2mm movement.

Canon’s print software is much more versatile & user friendly - if only you could run it without a canon printer attached.

does anyone know how to crack the canon print software, or emulate a canon printer (for XP)

Wishing i got the canon now :Z


I managed to get it to work quite well with Nero.
Version 6 seems to support the printers directly.