Printable CD-R

Hey everyone:

Anybody know if there are issues with the Printable CDs? I bought some Memorex CD-Rs that go into my printer that are supposed to print a CD label directly onto the CD. But everytime I’ve attempted to rip a CD from these things I get noise, skips, static or my stereo spits it out halfway through the music. I haven’t even printed on them yet.

no there shouldn’t be provided they are good quality discs and your burner burns them correctly. Printing on the top surface of the disc will not make any difference to data integrity. I suggest that you test your already burnt poor discs for C1 and C2 errors and post a scan here. C1>220 is a bad sign.

I haven’t printed on them yet. (Memorex Printable CD-R). I burned three CDs and all of them have the hisses, static and noise on them. I’m beginning to think the CD burner isn’t up to the task. So how do you test for C1 or C2 errors?



So how do you test for C1 or C2 errors?
There are several applications that can do that, ie Nero CD DVD Speed (provided that your burner can report C1/C2), KProbe (works with Lite-on drives only) etc

I agree with lui_gough, these are probably poor quality discs to begin with and/or maybe your CD player doesn’t fully support burned discs. I regularly print in inkjet printable CDR and DVDRs and have not had such a problem.

Memorex does not make its own CD-Rs, but instead buys from various other companies, so there is no telling what company actually made your discs (unless you check the ATIP code for us) and whether or not they are actually of decent quality.