Printable CD-R from - need recommendation



Hi! :smiley:

I need to buy 100-200 printable cd-r’s for audio-recording (my band wants to create demo-cd’s)
I thougth about some from

Which of these would you prefere, guys?
They will be printed in a canon pixma 400 and should be fully printable (no blank rests near the hole in the middle)

Your help is really appreciated!! :bow:


get taiyo yuden printable from svp , much better quality then those


If you must buy from Nierle, how about these Verbatim DataLifePlus printables:


Oh, I didn’t see them!! :doh:
They aren’t mentioned under “CD-R Printable”…
Will think about that. THANKS

Any idea about the others from my link, especially these: or


Well, information/opinion about them would be sufficient:

Thanks in advance!


I have bought CMC, Ritek and Samsung (Ritek) from nierle and they are good. However the Verbatim i got from SVP (probably same as nierle) is a bit better. Better finish - all discs look the same - ie no errors on the surface and such. From my kprobe scans it seems the Verbs are better as well. However if you believe in your product you shouldn’t save the money but go straight for the TY - they are better in all categories but cost 2x the ridisc. Personally don’t think i’ll go for anything but TY for promotion discs for a long time… :slight_smile:


For personall backups I only go for TY too. I Will order 100 (20x5) Plextor DVD-R from nierle as well.
But this is another project: The printables should be given for free to people who are interested in our band as an advertisment.
So, I need media which doesn’t cost much (for bestowing) and is reliable too…