Print Setting For CD Labels



Currently using a Canon ip4200 for printing disc labels. Just curious what some people are adjusting in their print settings to get optimal picture quality.

For example, I notice that the Canon’s tend to produce pictures that seem to favor heavy blues and reds. It seems like some people are setting color correction to none? Is this the way to go?


This is never as simple as it would seem. If you wish to start chasing correct color matching, you need to start with your system setup and move to the printer last. For example, if your monitor is displaying a shift in one direction, then your prints can display a shift in the opposite direction.

Yes, you can adjust print driver settings to compensate for any shifts that may be occurring elsewhere, but you shouldn’t need to.

If your display has a driver available, use it instead of any generic Windows driver. Likewise, be sure your display is using a correct RGB profile that matches the profile the printer is using. If you are using a scanner for making labels, the same rules apply there. Once everything is setup correctly, you really shouldn’t be seeing much in the way of color shifts, but if you are, print driver settings are pretty simple to adjust. Turn off any “effects” settings and switch to manual color settings. The most common adjustment will be for intensity and contrast. Use photo paper for making adjustments, and make only one-click adjustments. Download a good color bar PDF or JPG for making prints and tests, and adjust till satisfied. Once you have everything right, what you see on screen should match what you see on prints. Be aware that small differences in saturation or intensity are common, and easy to adjust, and should not be confused with a true color shift.

You will find that different media has different needs, but again this will be mainly in intensity and contrast. You can save your settings as a profile in the Canon driver and switch profiles for different media.

“Out of the box” settings will never be right unless your system is first properly calibrated as mentioned above. 99% of the reports you will see online about color shifts are directly related to this.