Print server option?

I am trying to connect a print server to a NETGEAR network for a friend, but their printer is an all-in-one (printer, fax, copier, etc.) and I see that most of these print servers don’t support multi-funtion printers. Any suggestion on how to hook up their multi-function printer on a print server but so that it will also be able take advantage of all of its features?

I’ve never come across a way to configure a network scanner, unless it was actually a big expensive corporate scanner, which was designed with direct ethernet access for that exact function.

Unfortunately, scanners rely on different programs and extended access. It’s not like printing where you just dump a formatted file to the printer & let it get on with it.

I had my Epson CX3200 (printer/scanner/copier) networked via sharing, between two pc’s, and was able to scan and print from either pc. I just had to install all the software on both pc’s.

I read some reviews about these printer servers. Most of them were crap. Just do what harley said which is what i’m doing right now and works fine with my desktop and notebook networked via wireless Linksys wrt54g v 2.0. My desktop has to be on when using notebook for printer/scanner/copier. My desktop is wired to router.