Print screen and nvidia



i’m trying to do a screen capture from power dvd, i have a dell laptop with an nvidia geforce fx 5200 card.when i paste my image after doing a print screen there is a blank space where the dvd image should be.

i have used other screen capturing software, but with no results

i was told before - that this is a problem with the latest nvidia drivers, so i got old ones- still no results.

i also heard that it had to do with the hardware accellarator, so i disabled it(but power dvd wouldnt work) wmedia wouldnt play my dvds.

can anybody help me out is there a wat around this, cant get any help from nvidia site or the dell site?



Hardware acceleration may skip “less important” tasks under certain conditions, but problems tend to be visual artifacts.

For your problem, I believe the driver gets confused regarding your display settings. This generally occurs when you sometimes use multiple displays. Whatever be the case, the driver seems to forget to set some state bits when exiting under certain circumstances.

You need to exit the driver under better circumstances. Manually changing your settings should put you back into a valid state. Open the NVIDIA control panel, change your settings, then change them back.


try gadwin print screen program its free for the basic program. and works with my nvidia card.


I think it has to do with video overlay. However, PowerDVD has it’s own screen capture utility so you don’t need to a “PRT SCRN”. Most players have this ability, some just implement it better than others.