Print on disc first?

Hi, this may sound stupid, but i was wondering if you’re meant to print on a disc first before burning it or do you burn it first. thanks

I don’t have direct experience in this, but in my opinion it’s better to burn first and print after.

This is because burning cause heating of the disc, and the heat could cause ink leakings, so the print can be ruined or worst can damage optical pickup if some pigment is spread all around because of disc spinning.

okay thanks :slight_smile:

I would apreciate it if people who have experience with it could tell me their opinion.

I have a thermal type printer and I burn first and then print and have not had any problems. Good luck.

Hi I have an epson r340 previous to this I had a r200 and imho it is better to burn the disc first, as when i have printed and then tried to burn the disc I have had burn failures. Hope this helps.

okay thanks guys :slight_smile:

i always burn first then print… otherwise it would just be a waste of ink if the disk messed up :wink:

oh yeah…i never thought of that :doh:

I have done both methods with no noticable difference to the end result.
Printer Canon Prixma IP5000.

I have done it both ways and not had any problems but he is right when he says you could be wasting ink it you get a bad burn.

From the manual of the TDK LPCW-50:

[li]Printing on CD-R discs and other media that already has data recorded on it may cause the data to become corrupted.
[/li]> [/ul]
They recommend that you print before recording the disc.

I don’t have this printer myself, so I can’t say if their advice is important or not, and whether it applies to other thermal printers as well. But there it is.