Print fade out problem?



Lately I’ve noticed print problems for web email and some adobe acrobat forms such as income tax forms. From just left of center the printed page fades out until the page is completely blank for the last 30% of left side of page. A FedEx label recently printed just fine as well as some rebate forms printing fine as well, but all web email and some acrobat forms fade out left of center of printed page. This is a Samsung ML 2010 laser printer connect via USB 2.0 to Windows 2000 system, and latest 8.0 version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed; also tried older 6.0 Acrobat version with same results. Has anybody had this kind of problem or know how to possibly fix it?


Have you tried replacing the toner cart?


Take the cart out and shake it from side to side, if this cures it for a short while then you’ll need a new cartridge soon.


The printer is nearly new, and the problem should occur on every print page if that were the problem. Some pages print absolutlely perfectly such as FedEx label and rebate forms as stated in third sentence of initial post.


New printers come with very little toner. You really do need to change it.


Why do some pages continue to print perfectly if that were the problem?


Some pages may require more toner (at a faster rate) than others. If the toner is running low, sometimes there is still enough for text but not enough for heavier coverage like graphics (and this can often happen in part of the cartridge first). Shaking the cartridge might help more evenly distribute the toner in the cartridge to temporarily solve the problem. Just be careful as with some cartridges, that can cause quite a mess. We go through several toner cartridges at work, and its common for one side or area to go first when the cartridge is low.


Surprisingly to me shaking did seem to fix the fade out problem if only temporarily. I’d have thought all printing would be affected if that were the problem, but it seems ripit was correct that it can be a problem on some pages and not on all. Thanks ripit. Does anybody know economical source for replacement toner cartridges?


thank you
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This depends where you live.
You may have to buy a new high capacity cart from “a supplier” then you should be able to purchase a refill from one of the many suppliers plying their trade on the net when this is empty. It can be as easy as "taking out the empty cart. Removing a plug and pouring in the new toner from a bottle at a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge.
Best of luck.