Prining Verbatim Double Layer DVD+R Photo Printable


What values should I use to print on to these discs in terms of inner and outer circle size? Im using CD-LabelPrint with a cannon ip5000



Verbatim Photo Printable usually are 119 mm/21 mm (at least my DVD+R SL are, I don’t have any Verbatim Printable DVD+R DL atm).
CD-LabelPrint only supports up to 118 mm so you may wish to use Nero CoverDesigner with a template for your Canon’s CD Tray.

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The Verbatim DVD+R DL are not like the DVD+R. You can`t make a full print.
I am using 118mm and 34mm. (cd-labelprint)

It’s pretty easy to put a ruler on the disc and measure it. Being aware that with glossy discs, you want to measure the glossy-coated area, not the white-coated area.