Princo sales

sup peeps, anyone know any deals for the princo printables 4x or 8x??? if you do please let me know, need me some disc! thanks and god bless

Welcome to the forum. Afraid you won’t get a very positive response here to Princo. Given their price and the price of high quality media these days they aren’t even worth looking at. Not to mention their longevity is attrocious. Here are some error rate scans on Princo discs:

Since Princo have earned such a bad name for themselves a number of sites have quit carrying them. was the only place in the US that I could find them. $25+shipping for a 100 pack of the 4x Princos, not worth it when you can get 100 8x Premium Taiyo Yuden DVD-R (considered by many to be some of the best quality discs out there) for a whopping $2 more.

The 4x Princo:

The 8x Taiyo Yuden:

ok pal lets relax bad naming princos. i seen the taiyo yuden printables and its top layer surface is not smooth white as the princos. their disc looks fake at the top. come on when you buy bl movies they use the princo printables not these taiyo yuden. princos are like the offical blank media, thought you guys know this? anyway im looking for 100 packs for like 20 know where i can get the princos for cheap? thanks and god bless

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Wow, ignorance is bliss.

But you have to admit, he is polite. So in the spirit of Christmas, I say good luck to you with your Princos wherever you may find them.

Some people , eh ?!

He will realize his mistake the hard way :wink:

This place is in Canada and they seem to carry the Princo printables you are asking for:

Good luck and merry x-mas! :slight_smile:

are you looking for Print-On DVD or Princo???
Folks in here don’t like Princo, they wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole

The first and last time I purchased Princo DVD media was back in the day when a spindle of 1x cost $65 shipped. I wouldn’t touch it with a 20 ft. pole! :Z I’ve never used Princo CD-R media and don’t plan to.

to the “yo” guy you agree nothing mug cause im not a troll. i am looking for princo. dont know whats everyones problem here with the princos. these disc are the offical blank media look at your bl dvd’s if you have any, it says princo. these discs are made for quality. i have princo discs that still plays perfect and its been almost 3 YEARS. now thats quality! thanks for the link but im looking for bargain deals

morbius how can you say that after just 1 purchase. you got a bad batch. im sure every brand out there has some bad spindles

Jesterrace gave you a link:

The 4x Princo:

That’s what you wanted didn’t you?
I heard they were going to be discontinued pretty soon. If I were you I’d buy at least 1000.
Don’t let anybody else tell you what’s good, buy 2000, or better 3000, 4000, 5000. Show these people that you know what you’re talking about.

Better yet, stock up for life, buy 20,000 or 50,000 so you don’t have to visit these websites, these people don’t know anything about DVDs.


Just tell me you are sarcastic with your post ! or ??? :doh:

I’d say if you looked up sarcasim in the dictionary that’s what you would find. Ha

That’s kinda like someone coming online and saying I eat poop. Poop is easy to find it’s cheap and it’s good for you. You guys who eat real food are dummies just cause you have been eating real food for years and thriving doesn’t mean anything. I have been living on poop for three years and man do I feel wonderful. Now that’s sarcasim. Ha Ha

For the record, Princo is terrible media. Earlier last month I had to throw away a batch of 50 pack 4x DVD-RW Princos because one disc couldn’t be read in the drive. I tried second disc on spindle same thing. I tried it on about 6 different DVD burners. I just didn’t bother after the 2nd disc failed. Wasn’t worth the attempt. Princo = :Z ! Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden will be my favorite discs forever!

I’m not trying to stir up the pot, but I just did a scan on some Princo 1x -R media that I burned about four years ago. It really doesn’t look all that bad.

This was burned with a Pioneer 105 with the original firmware as it came out of the Cendyne box. I had to reduce the scan to 4x because there was a pretty bad spike right at the end at 8x. This was out of that first batch that I returned to AllMediaOutlet.

Keep in mind that one good burn is not a test nor does it provide a complete picture. I forget how many of that spindle ended up being coasters but it seems like it was about 25% of them. I’ll look through my stash and see if I have some others lying around.

Yeah baby! :clap: That’s more like it. Had to use Task Mangler to end the scan.

first off, what the hell is a bl dvd?

secondly if princo has worked for him, he can have it…all the more quality stuff for us freaks :stuck_out_tongue: