Princo goes 24x! :)



Got this one today. It is called “slim”. Disc is ultra, ultra thin, seems very easy breakable. MID is PRINCORGM1.

Anyone seen these before?


I have seen them there, but I was unable to get any samples.
Where did you get them? :eek::eek::eek:


In local shop here, if you need any samples, just let me know :slight_smile:


How much do they cost?
Could you burn some and post the results here?:


0.2 Eur per disc. I can burn it, but I can scan only with Optiarc AD-5260S.


Optiarc is fine (don’t forget to choose 1ECC instead of 8ECC scanning).

DVD-R Slim sounds kind of creepy though…


[QUOTE=pepst;2625935]How much do they cost?
Could you burn some and post the results here?:

Cost me 20 cents/ea. and will post some scans as soon as they arrive :iagree:.


Burned, definitely nothing special:


Not a bad burn, i have seen worst burn from theoretically better media. The question is how different the scan will look after onemonth or one year.


[QUOTE=zivija;2626269]Burned, definitely nothing special:[/QUOTE]

Could you do the Transfer Rate Test?


Scan looks acceptable though.
I had another look at what “slim” means, it seems the disc’s thickness has been reduced from 1.2mm to 1.0mm so it is slightly out of spec. I wonder if it will cause problems with slot-in drives.

Also, their compatibility list doesn’t include any drive supporting these at 24x so it is actually some kind of misrepresentation.


TRT is almost flawless:


[QUOTE=kg_evilboy;2626322]Scan looks acceptable though.[/QUOTE] Maximum PIE = 992 is an ‘acceptable’ scan? :confused: :disagree:


Weren’t Optiarcs known for slightly exaggerated PIE levels?


[QUOTE=kg_evilboy;2626438]Weren’t Optiarcs known for slightly exaggerated PIE levels?[/QUOTE] Depends on the drive and model, but no useful scanning drive has acceptable PIE levels this high.

So the way I see it: Either the drive isn’t useful for scanning and the scan should be ignored, or the drive [I]is[/I] useful for scanning and the scan is not acceptable. In other words, you cannot on the one hand use the scan for judging quality and at the same disregard the way out-of-spec PIE values.


In all fairness to Princo, these 24x DVD-R’s actually can survive a 24x burn.

They are quite the opposite of “easily breakable”. You can literally roll them into a tube with the edges of the disc touching without cracking them :eek:.

Any unusable burns(none yet) will not be serving as drink coasters. I’m thinking of using them as parabolic reflectors for microphones or telescopes :). At the very least they will make a great cat toy rolled up with a rubber band around them :bigsmile:.

The smell upon opening the spindle is truly powerful :eek:. Moldy-sweet plastic smell. My wife made me promise to keep the door closed to my office if I’m going to have them out ;).

Princo 24x slim DVD-R burned at 24x with Samsung SH-S243D


Yes, I forgot to tell about smell :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I am not surprised that they can survive 24x, because they are so thin, so drive motor don’t need that much power to rotate it at that speed :slight_smile:


Well, I hope for anyone dealing with that speeds that never ever the tray will open during the rotating process…