Princo fakes? WTF?

After copying TY and MCC and even later Ritek codes, it seems that even Princo media is counterfeit.

We hereby announced that we don’t have any factory in China. If the goods you bought came from China, it’s 100% fake goods. If you bought & sale this kinds goods, PRINCO will not promise any quality guarantee for you and we’ll take legal action with who made or sale fake goods !!

Now that’s really sick. Who would buy Princo anyway? (Well, some noobs do, but I haven’t seen Princo media for ages anymore. A neighbor just got 200 DVD-R by them, but I don’t know where he got them from…) :smiley:

(I would even prefer Platinum or Tevion over Princo. What would fake Princo look like?)

The question on everybody’s mind is:

Are fake Princos worse than the real thing or are they better? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Princo put this on there site allready befor the 8x media.
Also princo also claims they only make A-grade media. (Which makes you wonder how B/C grade Princo media performs. )

Well, I’m not bothering to check Princo’s site every day, you know :wink:
B/C grade Princo? I guess it performs like faked TY or MCC media!

LOL! This thread made me giggle :bigsmile:

I’m lucky enough to never have come across Princo, in any shape or form :slight_smile:

I don’t think that fake TY or MCC media would become unreadable after three days , I’ve seen “A”-grade Princo do that :eek:

Wow, that’s even worse than RITEK G05! :smiley:

Speaking about Fake TY don’t forget that Princo has made quite some 8x media with fake TYG02 code ! (and fake TDK in 1x/2x days )

You know, if their guarantee means that the quality of discs meets their well known standards, those fakes might actually be better quality stuff.

Princo media isn’t all that bad in my experience, the few samples I have are lasting longer than Ritek G05 :stuck_out_tongue: fairly impressive for what is considered trash :bigsmile:

Not really when you are comparing two of the worst quality medias on the market. I still have a handfull of Princos that I burned just over 3 years ago (Got them before I really knew what I was doing) and they are all attrocious. Virtually unreadable and enough PIF errors to make even the most seasoned member here blush.

Unless it has more than 3.6 million POF (not PIF) and more than 6.6 million PIF, then I’m not blushing. :disagree: :stuck_out_tongue: (linky)

What a pretty jitter, [B]Drage[/B]!