Princo DVDs?

Anyone tried the latest Princo DVD-Rs?

They’re reasonably priced - I usually use Verbatim printable DVD-Rs, but the Princos are coming in much cheaper (and the Verbatims are out of stock).


They’re still more expensive that what they are worth

i have used the “real” princo’s 4x and in my opinion they are great. I have used cdspeed and they can be read perfectly all the way to 4.3 GB, i wouldnt thrust the white tops though.

I have burned 150 dvds with ritek, and 100 with princo (white top) and have came to this conclusion. Xbox drives are known for being very picky, well, the princos work perfectly fine in the ol xbox, and I have tested the old white top 4x princos in mine, and my parents sony (different model) dvd players, my brothers $80 rca dvd player, and my friends $50 akai dvd player, and none have problems with them at all. Out of 150 riteks i have 3 or 4 bad discs, or bad burns, and none what so ever with the princos. Take it for what its worth!

that doesnt they are good. you dont even know the amount of errors on each disc nor do you know about the long term durability. remember- you get what you pay for;)

I have used kprobe to test the princo’s and like i said they are almost perfect.
@ cd pirate If dvd’s can be read perfectly doesnt that mean they are good?? I mean if my comp can read the DVD’s very easy why wouldnt that be the same for standalone’s?? It seems to me when DVD’s are read good they are good. About the durability, my princo’s have a white plastic top, which give’s me a little confidence that they aren’t easily scratched. and about your last remark : “you get what you pay for”
i know for a fact that the pioneer dvd-r’s are about the best around just like the other dvd’s costing $5 a piece. For the rest i wouldnt trust them just by looking at the brand or price. I have verbatim dvd-rw with spots on them. Also got a some ritek g04’s which can be read very poorly at the end, which is also visible in kprobe. So i wouldnt pay the extra money just to be save, couse u aint(unless u buy those costing $5 a piece). So unless u r buying some dvd’s at the ends of the price range (very very cheap or very very expencive) u never know what u gonna get.
Test the dvd’s urself and dont forget to test a completely full dvd cause that is where my g04’s are having problems.

Originally posted by cd pirate
nor do you know about the long term

could be:confused: but lets say they are good,i use em most of time and they play on diff players whitout problems(yup using 1X)

buy them if the price is right!

By the way atm i use One dvd-r(=Riteks) dark purple must say they rule :cool: