Princo Discs

I’ve already read the guide for interpreting the tests but i wasn’t 100% sure so i posted my test results here. I know it belows in another part but i wanted to get people opnions on what they think of the results of my burn at 4x with my liteon 812s. please give a scale on 1 to 10.

Please rescan the disc at 4X speed and repost the results.

Just wondering, why are the results different with 4x scanning?

Now, the results are better.
The higher the read speed, the higher the error rates will be. You should set Read speed at 4x only for KProbe.

wesociety will tell you more about it.

So??? scale 1 - 10. thanks

I rekon thats a good burn for a princo. I’d give it a 6/10

I just realized that my backup skips every few mistakes when i play it in my dvd player (standalone), what is the reason for this? I have a few theories, the media (princo), the original dvd disc was scratched (although it didn’t skip when player). Thanks

oh if i forgot. i created the iso file with dvd shrink and burnt it at 4x with Nero Burning ROM

The skipping is due to the crap discs.
Get some good media please.

I just tested it on my dvd writer. it played without skips… it could be my standalone? or that dvd writer is better at playing the discs?
I might try it again…

Princo DVD-R’s are poor all-round. Get some quality media, like RITEK, Mitsubishi/Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden, and I guarantee, you won’t look back!


I bought a spindle of princo when i bought my nec 2510, BAD mistake. They are just terrible. On the other hand, i have burnt some princo’s which have higher PI/PO levels than yours, but can play rather fine in my stand alone dvd players. If you have a sensitive dvd player it might not like the princo’s as much, but princo dvd-r seems far worse than their cd-r quality :frowning:

As terminal said, get another brand. Personally my best burns are on Verbatim -r discs.