(PRINCO) Datawrite Yellow Top - In praise of

After seeing all the bad feedback regarding Princo on this and other sites I have kept well clear for a while, and used Ritek G04 4X -R Grade A, Memorex DVD+R 4X (CMC), TDK DVD-R 2X (MXL), and Maxell DVD+R (Ricoh I think), philips DVD+R (CMC).

Anyway I run k-probe all discs I have made and to date best results were with the TDK DVD-R 2x (MXL). Now I try the cheapest datawrite yellow top (PRINCO), which is quite a good looking disc and the error rate is by far the lowest!! I thought these discs were supposed to be rubbish!?

Burner is LG GSA-4040B.

Some of us have always had good results with Princo, we just keep our mouths shut because to many people complain when you call it decent media. Shhhhhh.

It depends on the batch. The BulkpaQ Orange tops I have here is garbage, while some datawrite redtops I have is excellent ( even works great at 8x speed in the pioneer DVR-107D with hacked firmware).

So it all depends on the production batch of princo manufacterd discs.

What’s the difference between the datawrite yellow top and red top?