Princo CDR and CDRW Disks?

Hi all,

I would like to know if these Princo_16-24-32x_CDs and
the Princo_CDRW_4x->12X are bad or good for liteON drives…

Anyone had tested?..



I have been using

  1. Princo CD-Rs 2x-48x certified = SmartBurn Limit = 40x

  2. Princo CD-RWs 4x-10x certified = SmartBurn Limit = 12x

They work fine with my LTR-48125W.

I am using Princo 24x CD-R in my 40125S overclocked to 48125W:vs08. They burn just fine at 40x and read in more old drives than any other type of media that I have used. I highly reccomend them!

Hi all,

I was thinking that the princos CDs and CDRWs disk where
cheap or not to good, but it semms that they are
of excellent quality?

I am also using IOMEGAS 1x-16x (made in taiwan by Verbatim),
and VERBATIM 1x-48x Super-AZO (made in Mexico in 2002)…
What do you thing of these two…

Are Verbatim media made in Taiwan or Japan, better than
the made in Mexico???

Thanks for your help!


here’s the concern with verbatim: Their Value Life line of CD-R is sometimes made by CMC… The metal azo I have heard people speak very highly of, but I have been unable to do any extensive testing of my own. I used to burn a lot of verbatim datalife plus (20 packs, in jewel cases, 8x) with good success but I found that because of the blue dye that they use, they had problems reading in the older CD-Rom drives. Princo will read in anything. (Including most of the home DVD players that have so much trouble with CD-R).

Verbatim DataLifePlus are made by Mitsubishi. Any other Verbatim (DataLife, ValueLife or whatever) can be CMC, Multimedia Masters & Machinery, Moser Baer or other stuff you don’t want.

:eek: There was verbatim made by moser baer? :eek:

Hi all,

Thanks for your fast answers…But what I really would like
to know is if Verbatim CDRs made in Taiwan and Mexico have
the same high quality, and if they are recommneded for
LiteON drives…

I had found that my LiteON 40x12x48x drive always burn
faster using Verbatim (32x or 48x) or Iomega 16x CDRs.

Thanks for your help!


Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-Rs are no longer manufactureed in Japan. There are four factories that they are made in: Taiwan (at CMC Magnetics Corp.), Singapore, Ireland, and Mexico.

I believe that the Ireland and Mexico plants used to belong to Kodak Japan Ltd.

The Taiwan and Singapore-made Verbatim DataLifePlus products are of outstanding quality from personal experience. I have not seen any Mexico or Ireland-made DataLifePlus’ in Australia as of yet.

Hope that helps,


It seems that some Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-Rs are also manufactured in India, by Moser Baer I guess.

In a local shop I found a 40x Verbatim DataLifePlus that was “Made in India”.

No, DataLifePlus is always Mitsubishi. They also have a plant in India (one year ago, they’ve made Metal Azo there)

I had some 24x Verbatim DLP discs that were Mecico-made that were very marginal quality. They could not be burned over 24x , and were measurably better at 16x, measuring read errors. The 32x made in Taiwan were much better quality at higher speed.
bosco Maybe you could run some error tests on the 48x CDR’s and let us know how they look?

Ive gotta say that i now ONLY demand for TDK Golds or if avaliable anywhere Mitsui (they may look or sounds cheap but they are packed with quality)

Just to keep it short:

TDK Gold (CMC) = :Z
Mitsui = :bigsmile: