Princo Budget vs Princo

The Portuguese market is being invaded by very cheap Budget Princo DVD-R media (yellow top)

I can buy it as low as 0,49€ each but I doubt it has the same quality as the white top Princo.

Anyone knows the difference between these 2 Princo types?

Ã’ Lusitano n te metas nisso kesses dvd’s n valem a ponta dum corno!! Esses são os da feira, lol!!
Vai à radio popular e compra Primedisk q são Ritek a 0.70 € cada.

@bluesmoke: I’ve been warned once for discussing in Portuguese as this forum is not for Portuguese users only.

Como tu já esvreves-te em inglês, os restantes já podem escrever em Tuga!! :smiley: já não é só para tugas!!
Just kiding!

Princo sucks!!! (Budget Princo must suck even more!!)

I know 2 guys how burn some Princo about 3 months ago, and now the entire discs are corrupted…

as this happen to anyone else ???

cya ppl

Sorry… but I don’t agree with your coment.
I record my movies on princo dvd’s and I don’t have problems with them.
If you have problems, I don’t understand Why!!! lol

Eu gravdo os meus filmes em dvd’s da princo e não tenho problemas nenhuns com ele.
Se tu tens problemas, não percebo qual a razão!!! lol

X Staedtler is BACK!!! :bow:

I have yet to see any Princo media that is worth buying. Have you done any error rate scans on your early Princos? The pricetag is just rediculous. Have you tried looking at buying from the UK sites? You could get Verbatim TY for not much more than that. EDIT Yup, it works out to about .40 Euro per disc for a 25 pack of the Verbatim TY (including VAT). I realize that international shipping will probably make it closer to .50-.60 Euro per disc but for that small difference it is WELL worth the extra cost.

Comparing Princo to Princo is like comparing 2 guys toilets before flushing. Sorry.

Sad but true. Well put man. :wink:

Go to The Radio Popular, at Montijo and buy TDK -R 8x, it burns at 16x in all NEC. Only costs 11€.
Princo and Princo Budget are equal…

I bought yellow “budget” DVD-Rs, 1-4X speed, "for data"
from PRINCO (, some months ago.

Almost all of them have defects now.

I won’t ever buy anything again from Princo.

Hi fliseto, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your problems with Princo media.

Princo media is not hightly regarded around here, and you can see what favourite media people are voting for in these polls:

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Remember folks, princo is the ‘official’ media :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Remember folks, princo is the ‘official’ media :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

Official BL’s media? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Remember folks, princo is the ‘official’ media :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

That was classic, still makes me giggle :bigsmile: - yep, pepst, official BL’s media :iagree:

I didn’t know princo had a budget disc, I guess that would be even lower quality than normal princo, which we all thought would be impossible since it’s so crap.

:bigsmile: I learned something new today but i don’t know what i will do with that info :rolleyes: :Z

Great, there must be even fake Princo :bigsmile:

Quality guarantee from Princo…
If you wanna some good quality/price dvds, get some EPRO dvd+r (prodisc R03).

The mind boggles. I thought the idea of fake Ritek was bad enough…:bigsmile:

At least no false expectations. :slight_smile:
This could be very well the first time that fakes are significantly better than originals :wink: