"Princo" brandname now owned by Umedisc (?)

It seems that the Princo brandname is now owned by Umedisc.

Wow, a big deal because the reputation of Princo :wink:

But the cakebox-packages look really like the Princo I remember

So Princo have not only best quality but also Budget-quality?

It may sound strange but Princo has actually quite good brandname recognition in developing countries. :smiley:

There are two possibilities:

  • Umedisc is now distributing Princo media (made in Taiwan) in China - IMHO that’s quite unlikely
  • Princo as a company went out of business and AVIC Umedisc bought the brandname rights

Hope it´s the 1st point :wink: , Ume is already easy to find in some brands

Princo is hard to get here in Germany, in Ebay are some UK (only Printable) and US-Shops (high shipping cost) had it.

That’s because Princo’s media are prohibited to import to Europe since 2008. :wink:

Ah, don´t know this :wink:

But why?

If I remember correctly this was the main reason (+ other lost court cases in UK and Germany):


I remember Prodisc had also patent-problems with Philips and they have to give up.

Was bad, I liked Prodisc-media and Gigastorage.

Those media are now produced by Umedisc but have original Princo MID code (confirmed directly by Umedisc).

But the same dye like Princo or Ume?

Not sure how good a Ume with Princo write strategy works.

And I don´t see a burn speed at the Budget version. Maybe Princo also produced some 8x-media

The last time I bought Princo was several cake tins of C DR about 20 years ago. All of them went bad within 6 months. Never bought any again.