Princo Bad ? No!



Look @ This !! Princo DVD-R 4x

Burned 1.5 Years AGO !!!


Is that the scan from 1.5 years ago?


Doubtful as there was no 3520 with 1.UG firmware. BTW, not to demean your title, but that is not a very good scan. PIFs that high are a little too close to the max. Also, a scan from then to compare would be nice.


That scan looks like a very typical Princo scan. They’re known to get worse at the end.

Princos are consistant alright - consistantly BAD.



You mean PIEs?


1.5 years ago?? WoW, you must be keeping the burnt disc in freezer to keep it from the heat. The scan looks fine for a PRINCO


I don’t always say “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” but Princo does not have a good reputation for stability or longetivity. I’ve read around quite a bit and found more than enough to convince me Princo is not the way to go. Also, sites like 1clickdvdcopy will say to stay away from cheap media like Princo. I was going to name 2 others, but their name slipped my mind… :frowning: If it holds up for you after that long, than you may be one of the ‘outliers,’ statistically speaking. :stuck_out_tongue:


he probably meant PIEs, Zevia. Chas has worked hard today, answering all the posts he has, so perhaps it was just a slip of the fingers? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I typed PIE and somehow it came out as PIF. thsnajd forw cthsckn the aerrorrss hguys. :wink:


i wounder if dupondje made a typo as well, perhaps the thread title should read.

Princo Bad ? Yes !!!


That scan is actually good for PRINCO, at least you get 48% score instead of 0, hehe…


i thought these discs were quite good when i first brought them (2 X 25 tubs) most have now been thrown away i have 3 left and this is the best 1 of the 3 ie: it doesn`t jerk on play back.

you live and learn :slight_smile:


My scan of an Princo 4x burned one and a half year ago… :Z

Chose yourself, bad or good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Note. Only readable on my Litey.


you could always use the pie graph in a “Worms” game, then blast the disc with the flamethrower :slight_smile:


You have a Princo, pinto2? :stuck_out_tongue: :o :eek:


A hillarious thread!


Hehe… last time I went to buy Fuji TY discs in the store… and I saw Princos. When I looked at the price I was thrilled… they cost more then Fuji TY. =P

It’s sad to know that somebody might actually buy them.


My princo’s work fine, no other disk has such good compatebility with DVD players…so i really dont care much about PIE/PIF, as long as they work good in dvd players, you wont hear me complain.


If only PIE/PIF would show problems…


You know with the “great” reputation Princos have I would love to see what a Princo burner would look like…especially burning Princo discs.