Princo 8x DVD-R

I was offered some princo 8x dvd-r today. I didnt even know they did an 8x as i have never read about it and none of the big online stores stock it. Anyone got any experiance of this disc?

what do you think? its Princo :Z

You can find a result burned on the LiteOn 1673S here:

It doesn’t look pretty! :o

I always had good results with Princos. (the 4X)
Scans done after burns were always good, and none of them ever skipped when I first watched them. I wondered what all the fuss was about.

Ive given them all to my 2year old daughter to play with now, as they are almost all unreadable, or if they do play at all- you cannot pause or skip forward as the disc will crash - not only in my stand alone - but also my pc.

6 months is their maximum life expectancy.
Good for use as very short term storage only- or childrens toys…