Princo 8x dvd-r?

As far as I know Princo has yet to make any 8 speed media. Is this maybe an admission that their manufacturing practices are crap and it is unable to put out a reliable 8x? I realise their 4x was not quite reliable, but they must be the only manufacturer without any.

Ask and you shall receive. Great price too…$94 per 100. :Z

Hell yeah. :eek:

That site should be shut down. Making those kind of claims and charging those kinds of prices.

$94 for 100 Princos!!! Jesterrace is right, shut it down and throw the bastards in jail! And, to top it all off…they’ve sold out! That’s just scary.

…i’ve seen a pack of those 8x PRINCOs…50 for around 14.5€…which is almost the same price as the 4x PRINCOs (50 for 13.9€…)

I haven’t seen any Princo in the UK for months. Anyone know why?

ohhh i could give you a fair few reasons :wink:

The UK got smart?

Princo 8x is sold here - quality sucks of course :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve seen them still being sold 4x speed 100 pk’s stiil won’t go near them
4x ridata +r same price in the shop seen some guy was going to buy them warned him off them did my good deed of the day if someone i don’t like asks me i’ll tell them to buy lots of them :smiley:

Well for Princo in Europe and America the companny that’s actually importing these have to pay all licens costs princo doesn’t pay to Philips if they don’t do it there’s a good change that Philips will hold back the product at the border.
The extra trouble and money is not worth it.
ALso Princo has abused other codes for 8x DVD-R again.