Prince passed away - April 21, 2016

Yet another sad day in music… Where will 2016 leave us in retrospect?

Prince was a multi instrumentalist, singer, artist in expressive art, actor, composer who never stopped surprising.
In my country, his breakthrough was the soundtrack to Purple Rain, and have since frequented the hit lists.

:flower: R.I.P :flower:

He was a true artist. Can’t say that about many of the prepackaged people or groups the music industry throws at us today.

Prince was a phenomenal song writing talent and there’s a lot of stuff that people aren’t aware of as he didn’t particularly brag about it.

It’ll be interesting to see what Prince info turns up in the next few days as he was a prodigious writer covering all genres of music (not just pop) including full blown classical orchestral music and jazz.

Definitely another sad loss though. It’s been horrendous how many iconic people we’ve lost so far this year. :frowning:


I read where he might have had up to 2,000 unpublished songs he has written. He was very anti-internet/record company and kept most of his song writing unpublished for quite a long time.