Prince of Persia-Warrior Within

Earlier version of A_Ray scanner v0.1.0.1 detects Smarte protection
Version detects Safedisk 4

Smarte cannot be beat. YET

Game Title: Prince Of Persia:Warrior Within
Game Version:
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Region of Origin: US Retail
CD(s): 1DVD, 3CD (CD1 protected)

Copy Protection: both cd1 & DVD SafeDisc 4.00.001

Game Title: Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within b[/b]
Game Version: 1.0
Game Producer: Ubisoft
Region of Origin: Germany/UK/France/Italy/Holland/Spain
Copy Protection: SafeDisc 4.00.001

Correction US version Disk 3 for CD is protected.

I confirm Safedisc 4.00.001 for the european DVD version :

-=[ ProtectionID v5 ]=- © CdKiller
Build 14-12-2004…
> Ready
Scanning -> E:\POP2.EXE
File Type : Exe, Size : 7201266 (06DE1F2h) Bytes
-> File has 1634802 (018F1F2h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 054F000h
[!] Safedisc 4.00.001 detected !
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> Insert CD

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