Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time



In short:

Can I use Burner LiteOn LTR-52327S with any of the following software:

Alcohol 120%

…and make a cd copy that can play and install ?

If yes ! Does the reader have to be LiteOn LTR-52327S too ?

Please instruct on soft settings too !!

Thanks :slight_smile:


It is SafeDisc 3.15 protected in most cases so your chances are limited. But take a look at my sticky at the top of this sub-forum to find some methods you can use, as there isn’t that much a dramatic difference between 3.20 and 3.15.


#2 I’ve looked arround now and that ain’t too good looking !

If there is a chance at all with any of the 3 programs I’ve mentioned it must be Alcohol 120% - there are 2 instances were the SafeDisc 2/3 profile is NOT recommended. …2.9x is recommended but that’s not an option in the 1.9.2 (1705) v. I have, only “Safedisc” or “SafeDisc 2/3” - which leaves the first as the only choice !

I’ve downloaded Discjuggler v. 4.10.1140 DEMO from
Can I use this demo to give it a try ? At start up there is message saying that the lowest burning speed will be used and the DVD size will be limited to 650 Mb !! Not a word about CD !!

I saw this setting by phillamber as you recommended:

"First make sure that in Tools-> Options-> Verify that “Check CD data blocks with software generated EDC/ECC when reading in RAW mode” is unchecked.
Once you’ve done that, correct settings are:
Check Scan gaps and indices, Ignore read errors and Raw read.
Read Speed - Any.
Leave other settings unchecked.
Check Raw write.
Write Speed - Any
Leave other settings unchecked.
Except that you recommend write speed to 4x !!

Which of the two app. above will have the best chance using good quality CD-R 700 Mb ?
(my CD-RW are old and they only do 650 MB and 2x-4x)



Hi nUUK25

There are two ways that you could try to backup PoP. The first is use CloneCD to read your image of the game, then use Alcohol to write the image with safedisc profile. Remember to read and write at 4x speed and you will probably have more success if you burn to a cd-rw instead of a cd-r.

The second method is to use discjuggler, using the settings provided by philamber. Again read and write at 4x speed and try using a cd-rw if a cd-r disc fails. Both these methods are known to work but not for everyone - so try both and see how you get on :slight_smile:


Thanks CD 1986 !!

#2 Can I have your oppinion too ?


I have found that using cloneCD / Alcohol method is the most reliable, but it is very hardware dependant as to whether or not a working backup can be made. Please take a look here for the correct settings for the two methods:


#6 Hi there,

I’ve used your thread/instruction about setup CloneCd and setup Alcohol 120%:

It does not work for me (play (cd2) in the original installation) with new good quality CDs (I haven’t tried CD-RW - do they come in 700 Mb size ?).

I have another problem now which has nothing to do with the backup issue; The original installation of PoP will not uninstall weather I use the cd or the uninstller in control panel in windows !
I need some detailed instructions on Regedit and what to delete !!



Yes cd-rws do come in 700mb versions, but remember that your burner may simply not be able to create a good safedisc 3.15 backup.

As for uninstalling PoP, before delving into regedit you could try downloading a trial of a 3rd party uninstaller program. For instance, i use “Your Uninstaller 2004” which has a force remove option so that all registry entries are removed automatically. The built in windows uninstaller is not that good so trying another uninstaller such as this one may work. It also allows you to manually delete all hard drive and registry entries for a program.


Are there any DVD-writers that can do the job (safedisc 3.15 - burn and playback) ? - preferably a model that can handle double sided DVDs !!

What about NEC ND2500A or ND2510A ??

I feel like a fool if I have to buy another CD-Burner and I don’t have a DVD-burner yet !!


I would say buying a Plextor 712A then playing backups from a liteon drive.



I borrowed an AOpen CRW5232/ARR to try and make a copy of my Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. (Safedisk 3.15)

I used Parkers suggestion using Blindwrite except that I have v. (Profile: Automatic).
These two media both works: Verbatim: CD-RW 16/24 700 Mb. and CD-R Disc Power 52x 700 Mb from

Also like Parker, I found that the copies (CD-R +CD-RW) made with the AOpen can be installed from and used for playback with LiteOn LTR-52327S

I use Clone CD to hide CD-R.


Backed up CD1 with Nero… no probs… and backed up CD2 with latest Blindwrite in 20 mins… installed fine, but needed “no-donkey_oh_lordy_please_make_my_game_run” patch to run… all working nicely!!!


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I thought that we could discuss the archiving of originals, and assumed that this being the case, could discuss how to use these backups… when most backups will not play without some form of encouragement!

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