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@wersachi - re Starforce 3
How did you do your backup?
Did you have to remove any real ide connections??



2 ProfessorX

How did you do your backup?

with Alcohol

Did you have to remove any real ide connections??

russian version goes both from the emulator (without switching-off ide) and from a copy (with RMPS)


appologies for continuing off topic…

what cd reader/burner did you use?

I don’t understand then how you seem to be the only person whos managed to create a working backup?

I’ve read that a Teac might do the job a Russian title called Hover Ace but only from the burner. Can you verify this?

I’ve tried to use Securom 4.x/5.x profile without success with War & Peace. I havn’t tried Restaurant Empire yet, but I’ll have a go at Dead To Rights tonight hopefully.


Hey ProfessorX

I don’t know if you notice, but every time you post OT in the [u]LIST[/u], I split you to out here :iagree:


is it possible to “merge” (rather than split) onto the starforce thread?

Seems like a lot of threads start off about a game, moved onto safedisc topics then onto starforce/securom depending on regional release

I hope SF3 is beaten (ala securom) soon as it appears to be gaining ground in the UK at least…


Yes, you have to disconnect all optical IDE drives to do SF3