Prince of persia sands of time

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title: prince of persia the sands of time
release : ubisoft uk
protection : safedisc v 3.15.10
2 cds protection on play cd disc 2
:smiley: copies fine !

copies fine ? thats not possible with SD3.15 (only til 3.10)

Not impossible. Need the right reader/writer.

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…thats not possible with SD3.15 (only til 3.10)
It is possible, many of us have done it with various apps and published our results in this forum

Lite-ON 52x32x52x ( the latest of 52x series, don’t recall the serial code :slight_smile: ) can do a perfect copy?
And if it is so, on what readers should I test it?

I have the Lite-ON burner ( which is able to read an imperfect copy made by a Plextor Premium with EFM enabled as Alcohol120% option ) and a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612 and a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1712.
Tested a copy from a Plextor Premium on two Toshibas and it doesn’t start ( it gives me “general problem” or something like that ). I believe a copy made by a Lite-ON without EFM if it works, can run without problems on the drives, doesn’t it?

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I believe a copy made by a Lite-ON without EFM if it works, can run without problems on the drives, doesn’t it?
A backup from mine works only in a Liteon 163D without emulation

Reports seem to indicate that the only wholly reliable drives for playing sd 3.15 copies are Lite-on Ltd-163, Ltd-163D and Ltd-166S dvds.

Lots of luck needed to get a copy to run on any Toshiba dvd (and virtually no chance with 1402 models).

Pot luck with any other drive but the odds are that it won’t work unless you’ve got a Lite-on dvd.

I have played safedisc 3.15 backups with no emulation on a lowend sony CDU-5211 & an old pioneer 32X cd-rom with no troubles

Are there any hope for future software improvements, or it takes an hardware improvement to get a perfect copy of Safedisk 3.15? :rolleyes:

OK, didn’t even try yet.

Will do a test with CCD3341 and a Safedisk 3.16 game with the LG4040b and then we will see.

My Aopen 52x32x52 makes a copy of Prince Of Persia (SD 3.15)which runs from my drives including these: (tested firmware version in parentheses)

Aopen CRW5232 (ie itself)
Liteon 52327S (QS0C)
Pioneer DVR-107D (1.05)
Pioneer DVR-106D (1.07)
Pioneer DVD-121 (1.04 RPC1)
Liteon LDW-411S(all) and LDW-811S(all)
ASUS CRW-5224A (1.x)
Liteon LTD-165H and LTD-166S
Sony DDU-1621 DVDROM (1.3)
(Of course using Hide CD-R on the writers)

Copying IS Possible, you just need to pick the right reader / writer

And yes, there ARE a lot of Liteon 52327S drives out there that CAN make copies too.


I made a backup of Postal 2 - STP, which Arrayscanner tells me is SD 3.15, that’s starting perfectly from my Lite-ON DVD-rom.

But I don’t know if any emulation is envolved.

I mean everything under “Emulation” in Alc120% is uncheched but I don’t know if other programmes are running in the background! What do I have to check for to make certain nothing is emulated?

Theres no way Postal 3.15 i SD 3.15.

It would be great if someone can confirm Jackass’s findings. Even better to say why the relevant weak sectors can be written!


Just rescanned with ProtectionID 5.0B3 and again I get Safedisc 3.15.010 for Postal2 -STP!


Could it be that my JLMS XJ-HD166S is actually a renamed LTD-166S from your list?

And again what do I have to check to see if I am 100% emulation free?


Yes, my mistake, I should have said XJ-HD166S instead of LTD166S.

In response to your other question: After you make a copy, completely reinstall WIndows, and only install CloneCD, then try the copy in your burner, with Hide CD-R in the CloneCD tray enabled.

If the copy works correctly, then I would say with some certainty that it is a good copy!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

:iagree: :iagree:

aahh I misread…STP - Share The Pain expansion :o

After different tests, I can say that from Safedisk 2.9 is not possibile make a perfect 1:1 copy, even with LiteOn LTR-52327S. The copy works in almost drives, but not all.
The only drive that has been able to make a working copy in my Toshiba SD-M1401 is the Toshiba SD-R5112. No LiteOn did this!