Prince of persia help me!



desperatly need to copy prince of persia CD. Tried neuro with error corrections off. But cant run the CD with SafeDisc crack v3.1. Please hellppppp




Check for 4 more cracks for the game!
Good Luck!


4 cracks?? I only see two cracks for POP-3d.

Both cracks as well as the general SafeDisc crack don’t work for me either.
(I have a copy for the Dutch market v1.0)



I have the same problem and have already contacted a couple groups. Their is no good
crack on this moment, but I will try to
crack it by myself. If I have doen it, I will send you the good one. Mean while, if you find a good one, send it also to me please! Otherwise I’am wasting my time. I know that on CB43 also a Prince Of Persia 3d
is standing, so perhaps their is the one that
we needed!




I live in Belgium and yesterday I’ve been abble to copy prince of persia 3d.

This is how I did it:

The first cd was no problem with Nero
The second cd I’ve copied with blindread to my harddisk and then back to a cd.

When you install the game (the copy) you’ve got to apply the crack from gamecopyworld.
(the first one on the site 4.2Mb)
apply the crack(it’s a selfextractor)
After that it should say "game updated succesfull.
Then (and that is the problem) you’ve got to search for the .exe file on youre harddisk.
I found it in c:/windows/Pop_3d.exe.
copy that file in to youre dir. and start the game.
You will see that the game will start much faster and that you can play the game without any problems.
I don’t know if it works for all versions but it worked for my Dutch version.


Ok, the cd is accepted, but when the game loads I get kicked back to windows.
What is wrong? any suggestions?


Anyone have a crack that works for the UK version please?


To copy prince of persia 3D u should use Duplicator. It’s real easy and I don’t even need the laxity crack.


I used a p2crack from it’s only 30 kilobytes big and it worked for me like a charm. I don’t know wheter it’s still there but if it’s not mail me and I will sent it to you.
My PoP3d was from a Dutch store but I think it’s the same as the UK version.



Suggestion : buy twilight.