PrimoDVD & DRU-500A

Alright, I’m not making any progress on my own with this. I recently got a DRU-500A, and I also happen to have a .gi image I need to burn. On install of PrimoDVD 2.0 it doesn’t recognize my drive, but it does recognize my Ricoh MP9120. I tried using the 342 updater that a friend suggested, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t help. Is there a newer update that I’m not aware of that will help with this, or is there a way to convert the multipart image that I have?

I cannot locate any downloadable link right now but the one I have is .358 version. I’m not sure whether this is the latest.


Yes, PXEngineUpdate358.exe was the last release, but it didn’t have support for the Sony DRU-500A.

For some reason, Veritas has removed the PX Engine Update link from their driver page. I’m not sure what this means, or if they intend to distribute updates through another means in the future. :confused:

I found 358 on cdrinfo not long after I out up my post, and it did me no good. Actually, before I put it on Primo would at least recognize the drive as a reader, but now it won’t even recognize it. I also noticed the update link missing on the Veritas site, but all the old links to download from them on other sites still work for 358, 342, AND 336. I don’t know whether to take this as a good or bad sign, but honestly I could care less if I’m able to find software that can either convert the image to a format I can use or mount it virtually to burn it that way. Honestly, probably the last thing I need right now is yet another piece of burning software with all the others I currently use. :slight_smile:

Same subject here.

(No solution yet either.)

I couldn’t find any help from Sony site as well…

I came upon the solution through logical thought. Thinking about the lousy software that comes with the drive that I’d never installed I remembered Veritas had a lite version of RecordNOW on the disc. I installed it thinking it might update the engine so that the DRU-550A could work with PrimoDVD. Unfortunately it didn’t, but in further curiosity there was a link to RecordNOW MAX in the program encouraging you to upgrade to fully fledged software. I decided to bite. On the page for RecordNOW MAX it encouraged users of not only the lite version to upgrade but PrimoDVD users as well, so I thought that might be the key. I downloaded the demo and what do you know, it just happens to work with .gi files as well as the 500A. So, mystery solved.

You mean Veritas/Stomp RecordNow Max v4.5 + Sony DRU-500A. :slight_smile:

After all of this RecordNOW MAX doesn’t seem to be cooperating. I’ve tried two different images of the same thing, both confirmed good, and on both -R and +RW media and both images I’ve gotten an Error 10 at sector 102016 every time. Anyone else having this problem? BTW, same thing happened on 1.0c firmware and has continued after the 1.0d upgrade.

I just tried an image of a different game that I made myself. When both imaged with PrimoDVD or RecordNOW in the newer gi format it always exits with the same error at sector 102016. When looking up the error code in the program help it refers to it as “Invalid Address For Write Incremental,” whic would seem to indicate a problem with the images if it wasn’t replicatable with different images/versions of images. I would really be interested in finding out if this is a problem for anyone else with a 500a or not. I’m also considering on putting in a help request with STOMP because this seems like a pretty serious bug if other people have had/are having the problem.

Apparently, the PxEngine was interacting badly with one of the other programs that I had running in the tray. I can’t be sure if it was FlashFXP, CloneCD Tray, or Daemon tools, but I find it odd that whatever the conflict was that it always killed the write at sector 102016. On a Athlon 1.4 with 512 of ram that shouldn’t have been happening in any case unless it was a severe software conflict. Anyway, got it figured out. I’ll have to do more testing if I feel ambitious as to which prog might have been causing the problem, but as my version of Daemon Tools hasn’t been updated in quite some time I have to wonder if that might be the culprit. One other nifty piece of info I found out while trying to get this running is that the “lite” version of RecordNow that ships with the drive WILL use gi files if they’ve been created in the newer RecordNow format and not the PrimoDVD format. Since the files look identical there are a few quick ways to tell. If you have PrimoDVD and you try loading a gi and it says invalid image, then it’s likely a newer version. In RecordNow (lite) when adding files to a data disc and you add a gi if it promts asking about burning the image file it’s the new format, if it just loads the file as a file it’s an old image (and will only burn that 5k or so file if you try). And lastly, in RecordNow Max if you do an image search all the files of a newer version image will show the filesize of the total image but old image files will only show the total size on the cue gi and the rest will show zero. So, thus concludes my investigation. Like I said, if I get ambitious I may report back the culprit, but don’t be surprised if for safety sake I just deal with shutting down everything like it was the old days of cd burning with my 1x on a P200. :slight_smile:

And, I spoke too soon. Apparently I’m only getting love from + media. Two more - discs down the drain. +R and +RW are working at least. - Is still out to lunch. I only have -R, so there’s a possibility -RW might work. To say the least I am not a happy man.