Primodvd 2.0

Hi There,

Sony DRU-500AX is not recognized by PRIMODVD… is there a solution? a patch ? for the moment I use NERO… (it’s ok) but I wanna test primo… is it possible ?

Thx for all.

You can try pxengine update here
Don’t know if it supports your drive.

I already tested it… no results…
it’s not recognized …

thx for ur reply…

I know a couple of people at work with the same problem. No update for sony drive released yet.

Did you try version 2.0.829?

Nop I only have version 2.0.767 … ;-(

where can I download diz new one ?

thx for ur reply !

Found it here:

Thx a lot mate :slight_smile:

I’ll try with this !


I forgot to mention that you need to run pxengine358 update after installing new PrimoDVD.