Primera signiture z1 cd /dvdprinter

i am looking to buy the signiture z1 cd/dvd printer…on…the z1 comes with cartridges…wirh …the same signiture z1 comes with ribbons…

what is the best to buy…i want to print labels on my cd’s and dvd’s…thx for any suggestions in this matter :slight_smile:


They can also be referred to as “ribbon cartridges” lol :stuck_out_tongue: (they are one in the same). I saw a review on newegg that said the machine can scratch the data side, the guy suggested to put something underneath. Also, main drawback of this machine is that its monochrome and a low DPI, so nice graphics are not possible. However, I think the ribbon can be swapped for a color one, and the disc reprinted (but I’m not sure).

thx eric//i appreciate it…so, they are one and the same eh…lol…shows how much i know…thx again…is there a better one on the market for about 100 to 200 bucks on the market?