Primera rents out Bravo for bulk CD ripping



I just posted the article Primera rents out Bravo for bulk CD ripping.

Anyone who has a fair size music CD collection that they want to convert to digital will quickly find that it is a very time consuming process, especially when it comes to ripping several hundred or…

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this is one of the most useless things ever. i cannot imagine anyone renting that thing.


Ditto. You would have to have a thousand CDs to even consider this. For $300 [B]I’LL[/B] rip your CD library.


Who the heck hasn’t ALREADY ripped their collection? :S Lucky for me I didn’t have to. First, I got tons of music from Napster before it was illegal. Then, I just bought all the rest of my music from before they got shut down. I think I got every album I ever wanted for about 30 dollars at 192kbps and no DRM! I had a heck of a time spending the 30 bucks!! Damn that was a good deal. :slight_smile: I don’t feel bad about it as I already bought the music several times over as they went from vinyl, to 8-track to cassette to CD to whatever. I just got off the merry go round! :wink: Since nothing has been sold for years that is worthy of buying, I have no need for more music. Case in point- that new Paul McCartney album…WTF was that!!! Damn that thing was embarrassing. Nope, like 99 percent of the world, I still listen to the stuff that has been out for decades, because rap and Brittany Spears- Beyonce, American Idol pablum etc, is not worth the wear and tear on my ears. ( I do like looking at Shakira music videos “Hips don’t lie” once in a blue moon. :* If something did happen along, that I did not have yet, Comcast hosts all the music you want for free on their news server. The RIAA turns a blind eye to that for some reason. :X And that direct link to my ISP on cable screams!! I can DL a song in seconds. Thanks Comcast! :d
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For me, if it isn’t from the 80s then I don’t want to hear it. :slight_smile:


Some of us have over 2500 CDs and we’re still going. I started collecting in 1981 when CDs first came out. I’ve ripped my entire collection 2 times since then, each time upgrading to a higher bit rate because disc space was so much more expensive back then. Now disc space is practically free and I’m wanting lossless rips for over 2500 cds. Since lossless ripping services charge $1.50/disc, this would save me about $2,200. Well worth it if you’re a control freak and a penny-pincher like me.



Comcast stopped offering their free (2 gig/month) usenet access last fall. They used Giganews as their host which now only available as a pay usenet server. But with many sites offering a ton of music via Rapidshare and other filehosting services, usenet is a distant second.

As for ripping 2500 CDs, it’s a HUGE undertaking – I’ve ripped several hundred to my two 160GB iPods at 320k AAC – but for the balance of my 2500++ collection…forgetaboutit!


Informative post. CD ripping cost is not huge. If somebody has technical skill then it can rip it by himself.