Primera ink cartridges for a Bravo PRO

is there a substitute other than the primera brand? I am in a pinch and need to see if I can buy some from office depot.

I don’t know if they have what you need but they had what I needed at ridiculously low prices.

Thanks for the help!

I was more curious if there is something I can use to replace the primera cartridge? Kinda like a Bravo you can use a lexmark 26. I was curious if anyone knew what cartridge (if any) could be substituted.


Anyone knovs to reset ink level on a Bravo Pro

It can not be done.

You can refill any Primera printer. The Primera Bravo Pro included. Checkout They sell refill kits for all Primera printers and continue to impress me with their customer support. Very prompt, reasonable prices, and the print quality is perfectly matched to the Bravo Pro.