Primera DVD-R/CD-R automatic disc duplicator

I just posted the article Primera DVD-R/CD-R automatic disc duplicator.

Amie Hoffner used our newssubmit to tell us that Primera has a new product, the ComposerPro Optical Disc Duplicator that incorporates Pioneer’s new combination DVD-R/CD-R drive.

This CD/DVD…

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Who doesn’t want, but who can afford…

I’m sure that if you are a little creative you will find a way to make this thing pay itself :7

anyone knows what will be the price of this thing. I am a very creative guy and i know i can make lot’s of money with it. (nothing illegal ofcourse just making copies for people who can’t make a copie of their own bought software):4,1869,1718,00.html DANGG!!! Pioneer is posting it for 5,400 dollars! (US)