Primera Disc Publisher SE Blu review

I just posted the article Primera Disc Publisher SE Blu review.

The Primera Disc Publisher SE Blu is the Blu-ray version of the last year tested Disc Publisher SE. Read here about the tests.

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Thanks for writing this helpfull article.

I tried the disk quality test (C1/C2 errors) with Nero CD-DVD Speed on my LG drive and it tells me “Invalid Command Operation Code”. This obviously means that my LG drive does not support reporting error statistics.

Now my question:
I want to buy a new DVD drive that allows me to check the error rate on my DVDs.
But how do I take the decision which one to buy ?

I already read that there are some drives from Plextor, Benq and LiteOn and others that support this feature and that these are called “Scanners”.

But what are the differences between them and where do I find a comparison of these drives and user experiences? The best would be a test in a computer magazine.

I suppose that not all drives support all features.

What are your experiences?



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