Primera Conductor in Composer?

Hi to all.
Excuse for bad English.
Question? At me is Primera Conductor (Autoloader). As to me of him(it) to make Composer XL.
Recorder I in him(it) have put, and PrimoDVD c as it(him) work. The printer - Signature IV.
For me it is necessary Serial Interface (Control Port) cable. I can make it(him) itself, somebody may will give his(its) circuit. (how to unsolder).
And as on seen the program (driver) of management of the robot is necessary for me. Has looked in the Internet - has not found. Who may will send on mine e-mail.
What it is necessary for me?

Did you ever get yours converted from a Conductor to a Composer? I have a drive installed. And a plain serial cable. I do not know if my cable is the right cable either. did you ever get a response from anybody on the pin out?
Also, since I go through the sequence, I am never able to get the robotic arm to go over the DVD drive I installed. Is there a secret on the board that enables it. I wish I could get someone to post pics of the inside of there Composer for reference. I also contacted Primera, they will not help me convert mine to a Composer, so I am doing it myself…hopefully.

Ok, guys and gals. For those of us that have a Primera Composer, I am looking for any pictures of the insides of the units. I am trying to convert mine from a Conductor to a Composer. DVD Drive is installed with home made mouting brackets. I purchased a IDE to Firewire adapter board, and bought a power adapter to give the drive power from the motherboard on the inside of the unit. I have the codes to move the robotic arm around, thanks to the other thread.
Problem, though I have the commands to make the robotic arm move, everytime I tell it to go to the location of the recorder, the pause button comes on, and the unit does not move to the recorder location. Instead, it stays where ever it was.

Are there any cables that plug from the mainboard besides the power for the drive to the firewire board that comes from Primera??? I wish I had some pictures to see what it looks like.

Anything would be helpful…

I have taken some pictures of my unit and have them posted at:

Please take a look at your Composer and reference my pictures to give me any insight as to what else I need to get my Conductor to work as a Composer.

I am thinking there are probably a jumper, or a cable that connects to the firewire board I do not have installed as of yet. Probably will go with one off this page if there is nothing connected from the main board to the firewire adapter. Or even simpliar, I’m thinking there is probably a loop back connector on the RS232 port labeled on the inside. I don’t reallly know. is where I plan on buying a bridgeboard.

If you all have a SCSI board instead of firewire installed in your Composer, that would be fine too. Let me know based on the my pictures what you have versus what I have. again, I think this is just a matter of “fooling” the Conductor to think it has the drive to enable the robotics to move where the drive normally is in a Composer.

Primera again said the following:
“I see that the manual had stated this at one time; however, policies
such as this are always subject to change. We still do not upgrade
Conductors to Composers, and cannot assist with any attempts at
upgrading it in the field. Please let us know if you have any other

So it looks like i rely on anybody that will assist me in the field. No help from Primera.

Ok, So I have soldered on some pins. If you look inside your Conductor or Composer, there is the firmware chip (8 pin) that should be socketed on the left side of the mainboard. Right behind that, there is a 5 pin header, on Conductor, the header is not there, but you can see where it is suppose to be, on a Composer, it should already be there, (maybe less than 5 pins) but, none the less, the pin outputs are as follows.
starting from the front of board to the back.
pin 1 = ground
pin 2 = 5.00v
pin 3 = 3.3v
pin 4 = 3.3v
pin 5 = 3.3v

To remove the mainboard and solder on the pins, you will obviously need to get some pins from an electronics store, and a T10 Torx wrench to remove the 4 screws that hold the board into the system. Exercise caution and ESD prevention when removing your board.

On the photos i have posted, you can see that there are 2 wires connected (a black one, a red one). I think this is the 5 volt supply to the bridge boards that convert 1394a into IDE/Atapi. The bridgeboards usually have a 5 volt input to be able to supply power to devices connected the firewire ports, and there usually is a seperate power connector for the bridge board itself. Usually like the kind of power connector you connect to a 3 1/2" floppy drive. Can anyone confirm this?

As far as the cable to control the robotic unit, it is a standard RS232 cable, not Null Modem.

You can get the codes from the other thread to see which version of the firmware you have.

hi all

could someone point me to the thread with the robot control codes for RS232?