Primera Composer XL hardware help




I Just aquired an old Primera Composer XL, and it seems to be working ok. I’m planning on throwing a pair of DVD recorders in it, but right now I’m concerned about it’s seeking motion.

The unit works fine, except for the finished bin - it’s a couple degrees off, and that’s enough to make the unit unworkable. All other locations seem to be okay. I’m posting pictures (big pic warning) of the marker disc under the main sprocket, and I’m wondering if anyone else can compare against pictures, actual examples or past experience and tell me if that’s my problem. These pictures were taken with the arm at about a 10:00 position.

I’m contemplating taking the unit apart and using a black sharpie anywhere that doesn’t look like it’s “supposed” to be white. Alternatively, can one get a replacement part from Primera for a reasonable cost?

Edit - When you say you’re going to attach pictures, it’s usually a good idea to actually do so.