Primera Composer Pro?



i have a composer pro, but only the robotic part no printer cords or software…room mate left it to come get it later. has been a year and a half want to sell it but have no idea what these things go for. ???


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Does it looks something like THIS?

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no it looks a little more like this it has no printer or cables, or software, just that.


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You can sell it here for free BTW :slight_smile:


thank you… i guess i just dont know anything about it, only that im tired of it sitting in my garage collecting dust, i really have NO clue what it could sell for old room mate left it said he was coming back but never heard from him again


A Composer Pro w/ CD drives will sell for about $100 on E-bay. If it has DVD drives than it will see for at least $500, some as much as $700. You probably won’t find a buyer locally because it’s a pretty speciallized item.

It would be nice if you were near Boston, I’d consider it…