Special version of Primera CMC PRO MEDICAL for medical records and medical recorders.
Only available with authorized VinPower dealers.

Thought Plexdisc = Optodisc/Vinpower brand?

We have some test media then we will know 100%.
As far as I know, Plex Disc Medical DVD-R is from Optodisc Taiwan and Plex CD-R Medical from CMC Taiwan.

CMC Pro Medical Disc PRO is a CMC PRO series and has ATIP \ MID Taiyo Yuden codes

Are the CMC more CMC or more TY-quality?

We tested CD-R and DVD-R from CMC Pro.
CMC Pro Primera CD-R TuffCoat Printable 97m24s01f
CMC Pro-Primera CD-R WaterShield Glossy 97m24s01f
CMC Pro Primera DVD-R TuffCoat Printable MID: TYG03
CMC Pro-Primera DVD-R WaterShield Glossy MID:TYG03

CD-Rs are as good as practically identical quality as Japanese plates from Taiyo Yuden.
DVD-Rs seem a bit worse and less repetitive than Japanese originals but also very good.

Looks like my experience with other CD-R and DVD-media.

I don´t bought any bad CD-R-media the last ~12 years, CMC, MBI, Prodisc, Mitsubishi, TY, Ritek, all worked nice for me. In the beginning at year 2000 many worse CD-Rs were available.

But actually I use CD-R very rarely, still have some old TY from Fujifilm and Plxtor

DVD-media getting more worse the last years, no matter what you buy. Only the actual media from Optodisc seems to be good, maybe some batches of Verbatim, too. But especially MBI, FTI seems to produce much lower quality than some years ago.