Primera Bravo Pro vs Epson Discproducer - CD Duplicators/Printers

Hey guys,

I’ve been doing some research on CD/DVD Duplicators and have narrowed down my selections to the following units

-Epson Discproducer
-Primera Bravo Pro

Both of these get good reviews and seem like they will hold up well enough for me.

I require hardware that is capable of burning and printing up to 2000 CDs or DVDs per month. I’ve read that the cost per disc to print on the Epson is about $0.27 but was unable to find that data for the Primera.

Another thing that concerns me is that Epson states I need to change the ink pads after 30 000 discs and the burners are good up to 40 000 discs. Is this an issue that all inkjet printers face? Are ink pads an expensive replacement?

And finally, which of these 2 would you be inclined to buy considering my needs? Are there any other models I should be looking at?

Thanks for your help.

Well the Primera print costs aren’t formally published but from the data I’ve seen they are slightly more expensive than the Epson.

The challenge with the Epson is the print heads are not a field replacable part, and when they go bad you will need to send the unit into the mfg for replacement. It’s a newer unit with very limited information on it’s on-going durability.

There is always a Rimage 2000i. Rimage is on the HP platform, not the Lexmark which isn’t as efficent. The software and robotics are much more robust than the Primera for sure. It’s slightly more expensive but they’re running a ton of promotions on it currently. Check out Media Supply - they seem to have some good pricing on Rimage.

Good luck with your choice.

Thanks for the response.

After doing some more research, I’ve pretty much ruled out the Epson.

I’ve looked into the Rimage 2000i but read mixed reviews and it apparently doesn’t hold up in terms of reliability. A lot of users claim it has failed several times. There seems to be just as many users that claim the opposite but I cannot afford to take chances.

I’ve also been considering the MF Digital Scribe series and so far they have the edge when compared to similarly priced units. Great reviews on emedia and the good thing about the PicoJet printer that comes with it, is that I don’t need to buy proprietary ink cartridges.

I also haven’t ruled out the option of buying a duplicator and printer separately. Still more research to be done.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Microboards offers a line of tower duplicators and autoprinter combinations. They don’t seem to be posted on thier website but last I heard they still did them. They also have automated duplicator/pritners like Epson/Primera/Rimage.

I’ve worked a lot with the 2000i, there are certainly people that have had issues but there are so many of those out there it’d be interesting to see what the % of issues actually was. They’ve been using the same picker design since they aquired Cedar Technologies - I still have a Cedar 4000 that is going strong :bow:

Yes, Microboards seems to offer a decent line of duplicators/printers. Unfortunately, I can’t find any reviews on the MX-2. Although, it appears they’ve been around a long time and have a tried and tested combination of hardware and software.

As a 2000i user, what would you say are the disadvantages of this unit? Have you mass produced near 2000 CDs/month with it?

My options now for duplicator/printer combos are:

MF Digital Scribe 9602 J
Microboards MX-2
Rimage 2000i

There is a local company that sells the Rimage so I imagine that’s an advantage when it comes to support and servicing.

The 2000i can certainly handle 2000 a month, but based on cost per print I’d look more at the MX2. The MX has faster print times and print cost is half as much; both use HP print engines.

The Rimage 2000i is a solid peice of hardware, and they do have a current promotion running for free network software and I think a cash rebate - but that still puts you in 5-600 more than a MX. I can’t seem to find a link to it though. The 2000i is a radical departure from the Rimage 1500 and 4500, which I would run away from like the plauge.

Microboards also has a promotion running for 300 back on the MX series:

I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with either.

Finally, I’ve decided to go for the Microboards HCL Autoloader as the duplicating solution. It won me over because of its 1000 disc holding capacity.

I was on the fence about getting the MX-2 or the 2000i but having to stand around and keep refilling the holding bin was not convenient for me. I needed something that I can fill up and leave running overnight and come back to at least 3-400 finished discs the next day.

It’s too bad the HCL doesn’t quality for th $300 rebate.

Now I just need a good autoloading printer and I’m good to go. I wish those Rimage Everest 600 printers weren’t so expensive.

Thanks again for your time and suggestions, Xscream.

I’m considering the purchase of a Epson Discproducer for our duplication business as a backup machine - any one got one?

I know the inks are pretty costly, and also the print head is built into the machine (like other epson products) and requires a factory/service centre return to replace.

Any one had any experience with them?

I was also looking at printers based on the HP system from All Pro Solutions, (similar to the Microboards Pro range) but the All Pro Printers also seem to take a proprietry cartridge - a All Pro chipped HP Cartridge. - Not sure if there are compatible carts or CISS for these machines.


This thread led me to do a little searching on an automated DVD printer, we were going to get a rimage machine but ended up with a Microboards PF-Pro.

Since it was this forum that got me moving on that particular machine I thought I would post back what we ended up with.

We now have a fully automated Microboards PF-Pro with a Bulk Continuous Inking System on it. We purchased the machine locally as soon as we found the inking systems available and we have since installed the CISS. The machine and the System has been running now for about a month and it is outstanding.

Thanks for the pointing out the microboards machine, glad we stumbled across this thread.
Anyone interested in the CISS we purchased it from JPL There is more info about it here:

There is also a CISS available for the epson disc-producer demo available here: