Primera Bravo Pro operation with Nero

I need to use a Primera Bravo Pro or Amtren Flexwritter with a decent tool, both manually and programatically. I understand that NeroROBO will work with the Primera but I can’t locate this tool anywhere on the Nero site. I emailed the sales email listed on their site for NerROBO but only got an inane automated response.

Does anyone know how to obtain NeroROBO for eval or some other tool that will work with either of these CD/DVD autoloaders?

Conversely, I need to determine the basic commands to move the robotics on either device - both are USB units…S

The only way to obtain NeroRobo is over the sales department of Nero. Please try again but as far as I know NeroRobo does not support neither Primera Bravo Pro (only Bravo I) nor Amtren Flexwriter.

The Nero SDK 1.06 has the NeroRobo.dll file that is necessary to interface with Nero for robotics to work. This is a huge plus, since there is no other application that has this already that I have been able to find.
NeroSDK located here.

Theres a catch though.

Besides a full version of Nero, you will also need the sdk dll file, and …

a compiled version of a dll with all the appropriate handles for your robotic unit. Nero sells a product for $150+ that supports some, however, not all robotic units.

There is a project on that is started just recently that is on a mission to make these dll files for Nero, not only for Primeras, but the old Kodaks, and Cedar Technologies (Rimage) duplicators also.